At the heart of Kara Baker Couture’s brand DNA is a focus on using exquisite fabric – in particular natural fibres that tread gently on the earth – from her collection of rare and sought-after deadstock (vintage) textiles. 

Kara has a zero-waste approach and finds perfect placement for textile offcuts, hand-making divine jewel-coloured patchwork from them. 

Kara’s coveted archive of fabrics has history woven through it. The collection includes beautiful fabric that dates from the ‘60s and some that had been created for luxury European fashion houses. 

Throughout her career, Kara has had the privilege to acquire fabric from the estates of two women who were influential in Melbourne’s fashion landscape: Dame Zara Holt, a revered fashion designer who was married to Prime Minister Harold Holt; and celebrated fashion buyer and collector Mary Lipshut, who became known for her unrivalled collection of unworn vintage European designer fashion. 

Every Kara Baker Couture garment is an heirloom piece, ethically and locally handmade in Melbourne and designed to be worn and adored for years.